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It’s the ONLY seasoning that's good enough to have its own festival!

If you need a little excitement in your food don't just put salt on it Crab Fest it! and dress up every meal with the Crab Fest seasoning, it has a crab boil smell with a Creole Cajun taste!  made out of fresh vegetables and spices to give you the unique down South flavor. Turn every meal and to a Louisiana celebration. It is the only seasoning that's good enough to have its own festival. So, go down to your local grocery store and ask for a bottle of Crab Fest seasoning, it taste just like good music!

Crab Fest Seasoning was founded by The St. Tammany Crab Festival which is a two-day festival that draws thousands of people each year. Our all-purpose seasoning is unlike any other! It was blended with the seafood lover in mind. It has a distinct CRAB BOIL smell, with an all-purpose Creole taste that can be put on anything from fish to chicken or  some plain old French fries.

Our product was researched through our own fan base and we took the guess work out of mixing seasonings to get that perfect Creole taste!


It’s the ONLY seasoning that is good enough to have its own festival!

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